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All About Amanda
Amanda Grove has been the shining light in the eyes of the community for as long as anyone can remember.  Born in Erie Pennsylvania in 1984 she moved to Charlottesville, Virginia with her family when she was a young child.  During her elementary years, it would not take long to know that Amanda was indeed a child with heart and determination.

Amanda remained active in school, always bringing joy to others and engaging in the things she loved, particularly art.  She would soon attend Albemarle High School where she made many friends and relationships with her teachers.  When her tenure at the high school came to an end, she embraced the opportunity to progress to Post High in Charlottesville, a structured extension program beyond the high school walls, where she further developed her skills and interactions with the community and peers.

Amanda loves to give back to those in need.  She currently assists in teaching sign language to Down Syndrome children in a school that is close to her heart.  Throughout the year, Amanda also participates in Supper Club, a program that is facilitated through Therapeutic Recreation in Charlottesville.

When she is not extending a helping hand in the community, Amanda thoroughly enjoys painting and has been involved in VSA Arts.  Some of her artwork has been sold as a direct result of this venture. Along with singing and dancing, and interacting with her dogs, Sugar, Cayenne and Gunner, Amanda truly loves life, and brings out the love in everyone.

Set high on the priority list of meeting her goals and turning her dreams into reality, would be to attend Stewart Home School in Frankfort, Kentucky. This is a very exciting development for Amanda, one that her family and friends are eager to see her fulfill.  As she was once noted as saying “the heart is like love, love I want – bring it to me,” Amanda is living proof that with love we can achieve all.  With her determination and the heart of an angel, she will attain her goals and live her dream.

Please join us in celebrating Amanda's journey.  We encourage you to make a purchase*, of which a portion of the proceeds will be used to supplement the funds for Amanda's education. 


*Use code: Amanda2011 so that the orders are allocated for the cause.